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Asset Protection & Matrimonial Matters


Having spent a lifetime building your wealth, you want to ensure that it is protected for your future generations.


Hamilton Rose have extensive experience in structuring clients’ affairs to ensure that your family’s interests and assets are protected today and for future generations.

Our expertise with disclosures and investigations ensures that we understand how HMRC are likely to view a structure or situation and we are well-placed to best protect you and your family from challenge.

This includes advice in respect of Inheritance Tax, how to best gift assets to the younger generation with an element of control retained and how best to prevent loss of assets through divorce.

We are also highly experienced at advising on the establishment, maintenance and winding-up of trust structures and are regularly retained by overseas trustees to advise how best to proceed in a tax-efficient manner.


Hamilton Rose are well place to advise on how best to protect your assets from tax challenge in the event of a divorce or family breakdown.

Should an issue be identified during the course of our review that needs resolving, we have 30 years of combined experience dealing with voluntary disclosures – we know how to manage the process correctly to ensure that HMRC do not obtain information they are not entitled to, that the correct amount of tax is paid and that your best interests are protected.